The Glasshouse Academy is part of Bath Recreation’s mission to sustainably provide opportunities for our community to lead healthy, active and happy lives.

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About Us

The Glasshouse Academy works with schools in Bath to raise aspirations and create opportunities for children. We are now in the second year with a new Year 5 group, and Year 6 consisting of last year's Year 5 and Year 7 that have started at secondary school from the previous Year 6 group. This will continue on to Year 13, so that there will be nine years in total when the original Year 5s (and eight years for the original Year 6s) will finish the academy experience.

“It’s all about being positive, having a growth mindet, being caring, respectful and positive”

- Mark Gunning, Glasshouse Academy Programme Director

Mark Gunning leads the relationship with teachers and headteachers in a number of Bath schools and they have been working in collaboration to recognise and select the children that will most benefit from and contribute to the experience.

Contact Us

Address: 36, Bradford Road, Combe Down, Bath, BA2 5BX

The Glasshouse Academy pavilion is available to hire, subject to terms and conditions
and agreed dates and times, please email: 

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